About Handy Andy

Handy Andy’s provides our clients with the highest quality handyman services possible. Handy Andy's customers will receive timely, efficient, and cost-effective services by handymen exhibiting true craftsmanship. Handy Andy's representatives will arrive at your home or business clean and well-groomed, and will be professional in every facet of their appearance and actions. Sit back and relax and let Handy Andy's take care of your handyman needs!

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What We Do!

Handy Andy’s provides repair services including fixing, mending, maintenance, cleaning, replacement and restoring of a part of real property to good condition. Essentially we are happy to do any minor home or business repairs or fixes that are necessary on an ongoing basis. Give us a call to get a free quote!

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What We Don't Do!

​Handy Andy’s does not provide any service which requires a permit. Handy Andy’s does not provide services which affect the structural integrity or the life safety requirements of the structure, nor remove or add any load-bearing walls.
Handy Andy’s is not a Licensed General Contractor and does not provide general contracting services.


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