Handyman services on the rise in Atlanta, Georgia

As homeowners, we sometimes encounter household tasks that are beyond our expertise but are still considered “small” projects. Instead of getting contractor bids for each one, we can hire a local handyman to perform many tasks that might require two or more contractors. For example, if you have a leaky faucet that needs replaced in the bathroom, the garbage disposal needs replaced, you need a new back door, and the gutters need cleaned, you can hire one handyman to complete all four tasks. A plumber would be able to install the faucet and the garbage disposal but the plumber will not install your new back door or clean your gutters. A local handyman will likely complete all four tasks in one day.


Things to consider when hiring a Atlanta handyman

A local handyman will be less expensive than a contractor but price should not be the deciding factor. If the project is a large project that will take several weeks to complete, it might be best to get some contractor quotes too. Do not rule out a reputable handyman for large projects though.

Another thing to consider is whether the job requires a license to complete. Some handyman companies hold contracting licenses or have licensed professionals on staff.


It is also important to contact references provided by a handyman. This is particularly important if the handyman is not licensed. You will be working closely with the handyman so you will want a good working relationship so it is important to interview them first.


So, if you want to get that to-do list done quickly and efficiently, contact a handyman. Small jobs like touching up paint, replacing and installing small appliances, flooring, clean-up, etc. are all things a handyman can complete. Handymen will even assemble furniture or hang artwork. A trusted, professional handyman can be a homeowner’s most valuable asset.

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