Handyman tips to keep your home cool during a Hot, Atlanta Summer!

Handyman tips to keep your home cool during a Hot, Atlanta Summer!

Summer is here Atlanta! June, July and August have historically been the hottest months in the Atlanta metro area.  The humidity is high and temperatures are typically well over 85 degrees!  We think that is the perfect time to talk about “Beating The Heat” with your local Handy Andy Handyman.  Here are some tips we could help you with right now to keep you cool this summer.


Residential Window Film Installation in Atlanta

The number one reason you would want to install a UV protection window film is for deflecting heat. Window film can help with glare, heat buildup and excessive cooling bills during hot summer months.  You don’t have to close your blinds and curtains to remove exposure to outside heat, when you have sufficient window tinting on your home you can keep the view of your beautiful surroundings.


Blinds and shutters help beat the Atlanta heat

Our second option is attractive in it’s own way.  Adding decorative blinds or shutters can add elegant beauty to your home while helping to insulate your home from outside heat.  The utilization of window film could also be added to add even more cooling savings.  Handy Andy Atlanta can help you save money with installation of these decorative options by allowing you to shop for deals on hardware like closeouts or previous styles, and after you save money there all you pay is installation.


Alternatives To Central Air Conditioning

Depending on when your home was constructed, you may or may not be able to have central air.  Some home have never had the ductwork required to add air conditioning and it is typically very expensive to upgrade your home. Window air conditioners or wall units are an ideal option for adding air conditioning without major reconstruction. Handy Andy Atlanta can help you add these window units or wall mounted air conditioning units before it gets too hot.

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